About Us - Staircase Fitter

Howdy, I'm Sam Rogers and its good to welcome you to this website. The truth is I am actually a scaffolder by trade and I got into building and designing websites approximately 9 years ago. Rather a significant change you might suppose having said that I slipped into it with ease and at present it just is "what I do". While oftentimes I create websites just for enjoyment, I do for sure also try to generate a little bit of income from it (to pay hosting and so on). Actually I've found it a thrilling challenge, coming up with ideas and putting them into practise.

I am not sure with regards to yourself, but I have certainly got weary of constant adverts thrown in my face on sites, endless pop-ups trying to peddle me stuff I wouldn't want and newsletters I won't read through, and needing to logon or join to achieve anything at all on just about all websites, that means my email is likely to get the crap spammed out of it and I am going to fritter away my time every single day eliminating this rubbish. I wager you feel exactly the same don't you? Hopefully that you will not feel that way after a visit to this site.

So, whilst you will view several advertisements on this site, it won't be jammed down your throat, you do not have to put up with any pop-ups, you won't be invited to join or sign in and you will never ever receive any useless emails or newsletters. This site isn't dynamic therefore stuff will not keep moving around or take a lot of time to load.

Basic, straightforward websites will continually be my intent, with content that is quick loading and don't feature crap you don't need or want. With any luck I have accomplished that here and at the very least you've not been dissatisfied with your visit, maybe you'll even have got some benefit from the experience. I certainly hope that is the case.

I am not a staircase fitter myself therefore please don't contact me with questions regarding staircase installation or asking for quotations for staircase installation work, this website was made to advise you of the variety of ways by which you could select a reputable staircase fitter yourself.

I cannot endorse or recommend any individual service, I have merely provided a few strategies for picking one, the decision is ultimately yours.

Cheers again for browsing around and I expect to welcome you here again soon.